NOTE: Needs more investigation. Remove anything that's in-game.

Unused EffectsEdit


If it's anything like the original Midget effect, then it would have shrunk Madotsuki down to size. Based on this developer's note, it's incompatible with the Umbrella.

"When you are in kobito mode you are not able to use the umbrella!"


Temari render

Temari render

A Japanese handball item that Madotsuki can throw. It's somehow connected to 'teleportation?'

Unused AreasEdit


Nexus door basement

Basement door texture

An unused door texture for the Basement area that would have been accessible from the Nexus. It has an unused event called BASEMENT_EVENT1.

It resembles the Candle World door from the original game.


Block World ToiletEdit

BlockWorld Toilet DIF

Toilet door texture

An unused texture for the Block World portable toilet. The sign is more pixelated than the final version, resembling to the oriiginal sprite in the original game.


Kokeshi render

Kokeshi render

A wooden Japanese doll that Madotsuki can hold.

Madotsuki playable in Super NASU Edit


Madotsuki is on the spritesheet for Super NASU.

Street Door Edit

Nexus door street

Street door texture

An unused Nexus door texture for the Street area that is only accessible at the beginning of the game.

It looks similar to the Puddle World door from the original game.